Waiting – The Van Duren Story

From the ashes of Big Star…
Memphis 1975: singer-songwriter, Van Duren is touted as the next Paul McCartney. Managed by Andrew Loog Oldham and playing with Jody Stephens and Chris Bell of Big Star, Van releases one album and then disappears into obscurity. 40 years later two Australian friends find the lost album and embark on a journey to find out what happened to Van Duren. As they dig deeper, they find themselves a part of the story.

We’ve been sitting on this news for a while now, but it’s time to let folks know. Our dear friend and fellow musician, Van Duren, a Memphis artist, has had a documentary made about him. Please check out the trailer here. Doug, a friend of Van’s for the past 40 years, is also in the movie. Check it out and share it everywhere!!

Waiting: The Van Duren Story

Premiere Screening at Indie Memphis Film Fest

Saturday 3 November 2018

(venue and time to be announced)


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