Record Store Day 2018 Thanks and Info.

Thank you to everyone who came by Replay today for Record Store Day 2018. Some old friends and some new faces, but it always is a beautiful day when people are able to find what they hope to. As always, we didn’t get all items that we had ordered, nor did we get the quantities of those items that we did receive. However, there may be an opportunity to order more on Monday, so please message or call us and we’ll do our best to help you find the pieces you are looking for. Not everything will be available, as some items were limited quantity, of course, but we’ll do all we can for you, as always.
Thanks to everyone who continues to support Replay. We value you all more than mere words can say and for more reasons than just having you as customers. We consider you friends and truly enjoy what we do.
✌️Peace, love and rock n’ roll!! Mary & Doug✌️

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